JP Live! Fall Conference & Spring Leadership Event

Leadership Conferences are held in the Fall plus a Spring Leadership Event for QSSC’S and above. In addition to new information and world-class speakers, you will have the opportunity to network and interact with thousands of successful Juice Plus+ Partners.  Register here:

Attended Conference and wondering what next? Here you go!

Future Dates





Phoenix, AZ:
September 12-14

San Diego, CA:
March 13-15

Indianapolis, IN:
Sept. 25-27

Phoenix, AZ:
April 16-18

Tampa, FL:
Sept. 10-12

New NMD Speech Videos from Previous Conferences

What’s the Big Deal? It’s only the “JP+ Superbowl”!

We’ve been with this company since 1990, we’ve used and worked with Juice Plus+ for it’s entire life (since 1993), and we’ve been National Marketing Directors since 1995.

In that time we’ve never missed a single Leadership Conference, even in the early years when we weren’t doing very well in the business, and when the cost of attending the Conference far exceeded what we made from our business that month.

Yes, it requires an investment and sacrifice (by you and perhaps by other family members), but … IT … IS … WORTH … IT!

The benefits of the Juice Plus+ Leadership Conference are countless and priceless (including Fun and Fellowship at a high level), but there are four major, potentially life-changing reasons to attend: Vision, Motivation, Inspiration, and Growth.

1. Vision: you learn that you are part of something very big, something very worthwhile = the Big Picture.

    • Juice Plus+ has a mission unlike any other: “Inspiring Healthy Living Around the World”.
    • Juice Plus+ is a product unlike any other, with unparalleled clinical research and 18+ years of success.
    • Juice Plus+ is a business unlike any other: the best of 4 different business models with none of the negatives.
  • Juice Plus+ is a team of people unlike any other: caring, dedicated, motivated, passionate about our mission.

2. Motivation: when you ‘get’ the Big Picture, you discover your part in that Big Picture = your Why.

  • Motivation results from understanding clearly why we do what we do.

3. Inspiration: armed with your Why, you learn how to communicate that Why to others.

  • People will want to be part of what you do, when they understand and are inspired by why you do what you do.

4. Growth: with Vision, Motivation, Inspiration your growth accelerates: your business grows because you grow.

  • You grow in belief, in confidence, in vision, in motivation, in inspiration, in knowledge, in competence, in excellence.

Over 25 years in this business our team and business have continued to grow because of our commitment to attend conference, to invest in our ongoing personal, professional and team growth. This is a business of duplication – people will do what you do. So lead by example and be there!

Not everyone who attends Conference becomes an NMD (some still don’t ‘get it’); but everyone who becomes an NMD and builds a legacy business attends (every) Conference.

If you are already committed, have you asked everyone on your team to go with you?  Maybe you’ve assumed it’s too short notice or they can’t afford it.  Don’t prejudge … encourage them to go!

How to Maximize your Conference Experience

Please read this great article by Nancy Kroupa, NMD.

What to bring to Conference – packing list.

Quotes From Previous Conference Attendees

“I had a wonderful experience as a first-time attendee. Things that stuck with me were the family-like atmosphere, the love of helping others, the stories that were so touching, and the letting go of fear in relation to my own business.”

“This was my first conference. I’m still on cloud nine. I plan to make every Conference.”

“This was my first experience at Conference, and it was incredible. I’ve been involved in a lot of different direct sale organizations in the past, but Juice Plus+ is the cream of the crop. I never intend to miss a conference if I can help it. Can’t wait until Sacramento.”

“The energy was amazing! As a new Partner, this conference really helped me get inspired to boost my business!”

“As this was my first, I loved it so much I will not miss another if I can help it.”

“Love the products already, but the conference was a great opportunity for a newbie like me to learn what a great company this is!”

“It was the vision that I needed to ramp up and get started. It also made it much easier to communicate Juice Plus+ to others and encourage them to become distributors with me.”

“[Conference] always does a magnificent job inspiring us to help more people with their healthy lifestyle and their financial future!”

“As always, I came away highly motivated and full of new and exciting ideas. The atmosphere is enriching and sizzling…I have wonderful memories and look forward to
the next one.”

“It definitely motivated me to treat my business as a business, not a hobby.”

“Conference is always amazing and inspiring. Haven’t missed one since I became a distributor and am excited for Phoenix.”

“I got my focus, my why, and my story while I was here.”

“Since Conference, I’’ve embraced the new Facebook strategies and am letting go of fear of what others may think of me, and have had 6 new customers in the last 2 weeks.”

“Very happy to see the emphasis was on training and not just selling the product.”

“Overall it was a great experience. I have come back with more information than I arrived with, and I look forward to the next. Conference is a must to grow my business and to
meet my own expectations.”

“Appreciate value of this education. It’s about so much more than just the product.”

“It was tremendously inspirational, and the information given was great.”

“[Conference] changed my ideas about Tower Garden and use of social media.”

“Changed my whole life perspective. WONDERFUL!”

“Loved getting the bigger picture of the speed at which this business can grow as well as the fun we can have when we see growth.”

“It was an amazing experience that really put the pieces together into the big picture for me.”

“Loved, loved, loved it! So glad I came…Helped me see the ‘bigger picture,’ and I am so thankful for Juice Plus+ and the opportunity it is giving me to truly help others.”

“I did get a bigger perspective of the product, the business and the people behind Juice Plus+. Loved hearing the stories, loved getting to know my upline and sideline team…. Mostly love the feel of a reunion.”

“Just a great experience for me to have and see the entire picture. Love the team and family effect this business has and that you cannot reach the top without help from team. Love the concept and seeing it in action.”

“It was a wonderful experience. Amazing energy.”

“The Saturday night party was the best yet! Awesome music, …fun everywhere you looked!”

“Meeting all kinds of people from around the world is super! Making connections and making new friends is such an incredible way to broaden your knowledge and create new ideas you can incorporate into your business.”

“Wish it was a day longer!”

“This conference was really stellar—: so full of activities it was actually hard to get to all of them.”

“I just can’’t imagine business without these conferences …we are having a blast!”