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Nutrition Detectives

Nutrition Detectives is a wonderful program designed and developed by Dr. David Katz.

Here are the tools created by one JP+ Rep for a 'Nutrition Detectives' Presentation:

Family Wellness Day Prep Sheet

Presentation Script

Certificate - Certified Nutrition Detective

Handout for WP

5 Clues Worksheet

Coloring Book

Crossword puzzle-directions

Crossword puzzle-side1

Crossword puzzle-side2


Nutrition Detectives Presentation

The "Presentation" file is her verbiage.

The "Certificate" is handed to each child at the end. The remainder are all handouts for the kids and parents.

The Flyer to advertise for the event is the last file.

"Family Wellness Day Prep Sheet" is used to prepare. You'll see there which slides she uses from Dr. Katz's material.

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