Employing the Pipeline concept is crucial to enjoying every aspect of your Virtual Franchise. Capitalize on this method and you will have lots of fun and success.

Your Pipeline (it may help to visualize a funnel), is full when you have spoken to lots of people (50-200) about Juice Plus+.  When you’ve spoken to relatively few (such as 10-20), you will find this business hard work, you will feel undue pressure and – worse – you may feel you are pressuring (even ‘bugging’) your friends and family as a result; and who wants that?!

How does your Pipeline look? How many prospects do you have on your Memory Jogger that you have talked to about Juice Plus+? How many customers have you talked to about the business?

If you are finding it tough to maintain momentum, your Pipeline is probably quite empty. You are depending on too high a percentage of your prospects to ‘come through’ the Pipeline; eg. 5 out of 20, compared with 5 out of 200. See the difference?

So, when is a prospect in your Pipeline? When they have heard your Story.

Why not try this: for the next week (or month) forget about getting orders, forget about getting customers, just get the word out. Your friends and family need to know you are ‘in business’ with Juice Plus+.

Your goal is to tell as many people as possible your story, so that your Pipeline is full; it doesn’t matter how many want Juice Plus+ (at first); you don’t even need to ask them unless they seem enthusiastic. Save time and energy; just get the
word out to as many people as possible. Don’t worry about who says “yes” to Juice Plus+; that isn’t your goal right now. Does that take the pressure off?

Start with the names on your Memory Jogger;
how many do you have? If you are new, 50 is ok. The longer you’ve been with the JPVF the more you should have; within a few months you should have well over 100, and this number should continue to grow. How many of them have heard nothing about Juice Plus+, so far?

Add new names to your Memory Jogger every day (people you meet, people you’ve forgotten). Normally you should add at least 5-10 every week; this week (or month) you should add many more, and most of them will be in your Pipeline (because you shared your story with them).

Now your Memory Jogger will have the names of:

  • Those in your Pipeline (who have heard your Story)
  • Those not yet in your Pipeline (share your Story as soon as possible)
  • Former customers (back in your Pipeline)
  • Your customers – they are prospects for the business (beginning with your Dream Team – see your Starter Guide)
  • NO’s (those who said ‘No’ – this really means “Not Yet”, so they are still in your Pipeline, at the top)

How do you bring those in your Pipeline safely through to become customers (and some to join your team)? Events will do this for you. Those names in your Pipeline should be on one of three lists, which you use when inviting to future Events:

  1. Those you email invitations (they’ve already attended an event and gave permission to invite them again)
  2. Those you haven’t yet invited to an event (they get the Call-Send-Call invitation)
  3. Those you have previously invited, but who are your top priority to get to this next Event (Promote).

Keep your pipeline full, and invite people to every Event and you will have plenty of people who you can comfortably ask “Is there any more information I can give you, or any questions you need answered, before you make an educated decision about Juice Plus+. I would love you to try it for 4 months to see what it could do for you. It’s done the world for me.”