The Art and Science of the Drip

Technology x Persistence = Success

Corporate’s follow-up emails are a good example of an effective “Drip” system; one part of the follow-up needed to keep a Preferred Customer.

Follow-up is a key success factor at every stage in this business, even before you have a customer. When you hear “No” it usually means “Not yet”.  The challenge is to make follow-up simple and to never give up on the “No” (“I haven’t listened to the DVD”, or “I don’t want to start Juice Plus +”).  You want to still be in business when she says “yes” (“Now I’m ready”).

Follow-up with those who say “Yes” and “No” can basically be the same, and can be achieved with what is often called a “drip list”, a list you maintain of people with whom you want to keep in contact in a regular but unobtrusive manner.

Deciding who should be on your drip list is simple. First your customers need regular education and reinforcement – they are the foundation of your list.  In addition, you have a prospect who listens to a DVD (or doesn’t, even after persistent follow-up!) and says “No”.  Ask: “Tina, I can appreciate that this isn’t a fit for you right now. Is it alright if I keep you informed of any new developments?” The answer is almost always positive. Tina is added to your drip list and stays on it until she asks to be removed.

To your drip list you should send invitations to Wellness Parties and Prevention Plus+ seminars, write a note and share a newspaper or magazine article once a month or so.  With a simple 3×5 card system or a good computer program, you can “drip” on your list in as little as an hour a week. It’s definitely worth the time.

What if there were a way to contact that list on a more regular basis, with less time spent, at less cost.  With email there is a way, and it works really well for us.

You probably already have a list of your online friends. Get into the habit of asking everyone for their email address. Now you can also communicate with your customers, prospects and distributors via email every few days. You might send updates about company news, events around the country or forward a product or inspirational story.

Set up your email program with a distribution list of your entire online team. Now set your product prospects and another for your business prospects. Mention to them on the phone or via email that you’ll be adding them to your list. (This shouldn’t be unsolicited). Now, each time you send email you can send health and product information (see below) to everyone, and business related information to your organization and to your business prospects as well. Send these emails with ‘blind copy’ so the list of addresses is hidden (your recipients will appreciate this!)

Your customers and prospects will learn the role that education plays in this business, as evidenced by your consistent communication with them. More than any other result, the email drip technique keeps you, Juice Plus + and the opportunity in your distributors’, customers’ and prospects’ minds – it keeps them engaged. And that’s powerful!

Here are Health Articles You Can Use – emails we’ve sent to our team, customers, friends and family to educate them and give them more exposures to Juice Plus+.

Social Media is also great for ‘dripping’ – facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, …

Eventually, each person on this list will either ask to be removed, become a Juice Plus + Preferred Customer, or join your team. You can rest easily knowing that either decision will be a well-informed one.