UK Phenomenon

Most of you have heard the rumblings of all the excitement going on in the UK over the last couple of years,… new orders climbing to over 30,000 per month (from 1,000 per month), recruiting up to approx 2,500 new Reps per month (from 100 per month), record setting promotions left and right, etc. At our Phoenix Conference there more more than 30 new NMDs from the UK!

Let me give you some of my own observations – after all, I am still a ‘Brit’ after living in the US for almost 30 years.

First, make no mistake; it’s not just about GenY or the Millenials. Even I can do what they do. Well, most of it! For example:

I do Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. I don’t do them well enough, but I am learning. The main purpose of Social Media as a business tool, is to make Connections – lots of them. These connections, done right, will fill our “Sales Funnel” and keep it full.

By being subtle, generating curiosity and NOT being a billboard for Juice Plus+, we can start Conversations (which we must take offline) and these Conversations will lead to the right Conclusions for them and for us. A Win-Win.

The Brits have discovered that JP+ Complete is not only a lower price point (esp. important for young folks with little money) but it produce Faster Results.

Events over there are focused on Health and Wealth; their message is Feel Good, Look Good, Make Money, Have Fun. I am NOT suggesting we change overnight. Prevention Plus_ Seminars and Healthy Living Parties will continue to be foundational to our event strategy, but we can learn from the Brits that we can introduce the business and the product up front and the world will not end!

In the UK Experience is paramount – at every opportunity they share their STORIES … of both Health and Wealth.

They are very focused in their use of Tools & Technology – a VIDEO is worth a thousand pictures and we have dozens of great videos on YouTube. We are working to make better use of those.

Finally, they have Duplication down to a fine art – they ALL do the SAME THING, whether 1 on 1 or in events of varying sizes. Because of that simplicity, new Reps learn fast, grow quickly in confidence and …

As a result of all the above, they now have a SYSTEM that I consider is a smooth and fast running Conveyor Belt to the top.

If they can do it WE can do it!

Gordon Hester has been Jeff Roberti’s business advisor for 25 years (Jeff is the #1 money earner in Juice Plus+). Gordon has studied this UK phenomenon, and is now sharing the key takeaways and lessons that we feel will be revolutionary for our US Juice Plus+ market.

Gordon did a series of calls that peeled back the layers of this extraordinary movement and helped us to understand the fundamentals behind it.  You will find the phone number and access codes noted below for these calls.

If you are ready to take your business to an exciting new level, commit time for these calls. If you are short of time, just listen to call #3 for now – it covers almost all the ground in 45 minutes.

LIVE CALL NUMBER (8PM EST): 530-881-1200 1016744#

p class=”p”>530-881-1299; 1016744# (re-broadcast number) … click on the blue links below to listen to the call online.

Call #1 – This was an overview of the business and outline for this call series.  It talked a lot about the movements and excitement. (Call #107)

Call #2 – This was an overview of the simple, duplicatable sales funnel that is really driving the UK movement and how it differs from what we are doing in other markets.  Great feedback from this call. (Call #108)

Call #3 – Gordon discussed how to create visibility with results on social media and the communication fundamentals needed to get results better. He had two special guests to add value to this call. (Call #109)

Call #4 – Gordon reviewed how they are running events and how different they are than ours.  He will also review final marching orders to put in place to integrate all these lessons. (Call #110)

Call #5 – Gordon pulls together all the lessons learned and advises on our own Next Steps.

These two websites were mentioned in Call #3: and

Gordon also referenced theEdelman Study.

Watch this video to catch the wave!