More than ever, people crave Connection. Connection is the first step in having a Conversation. A meaningful conversation will enrich a Relationship. Relationship is at the core of a growing Juice Plus+ business.

Success in Juice Plus+ is all about building and growing your relationships. How do you build relationships? You start with trust. And, how do you build trust? By looking for ways you can help and serve them.

Teamzy can help you build your connections

Relationships are also at the heart of Teamzy: a tool designed specifically for building and maintaining business relationships. Simply import your database, sort your network and set your goals and Teamzy will create a list of people to connect with each day. If you’re not sure what to say, Teamzy has scripts to get you started.

Teamzy makes it easy to build your success habits of ‘connection consistency’ with a successful routine. Teamzy will take the guesswork out of your daily business activities. You’ll know who to connect with today to get you closer to building a thriving Juice Plus+ business and the goals that will get you there.

Here is an excellent Teamzy article on Building Connections.

Connection Calendar

Consistently connecting with people (suspects, prospects, customers and partners) is the foundational activity in our business. If you are very part-time, we suggest connecting with one person each day 6 days per week (give yourself a rest day!) Connect via text, message, email, phone or in person – with the objective of eventually talking about Juice Plus+ (product and business). A connection can be for important follow-up from a previous connection.

We recommend using this printable calendar to plan and track your connections. Then as you grow in confidence and competence, invest in more than one connection a day, and plan the conversations that result from connecting.

Remember: intentional connections and meaningful conversations enrich your relationships and grow your business.


Connection Calls are a powerful tool in your business. They are simply a way of connecting your prospect or team member with an ‘Expert’.  The purpose of these calls is to “connect” your friend with someone else for 3rd party validation. If a complete stranger confirms what you’ve been saying, then it’s more believable; strange but true!