Goal Setting

G.O.A.L.S = Godly Objectives Assure Lasting Success

Set Goals, not Resolutions, to achieve Results; as you work on them, pray that God will guide and bless your efforts and results.

Why Set Goals?

Because if you aim at nothing and you’ll hit it every time Bear Grylls says:  “This one step – choosing a goal and staying to it – changes everything” and “Long-range goals keep you from being frustrated by short-term failures.“

The only thing worse than giving up on a big goal, is not having one!

Goal Setting for Your Life

This Goals Matrix will help you develop quality goals that are perfect for you, and for all the most important areas of your life. Start with your big Dream or Goal in the box in the center; thinking about what you want to be, do, go/see, have and give, write in as many of the boxes as you can, each one related to one of your “Life Capital Accounts” into which you will ‘invest’:

  • Spiritual
  • Relational
  • Intellectual
  • Physical
  • Financial
  • Recreational

When you are finished, highlight those that directly support your Dream. Finally, write out your goals list based on your completed matrix: 5-10 year goals, 1 year goals, 90 day goals.

There are many ways to approach goal setting, but only one is proven to work perfectly. That is found in Tommy Newberry’s brilliant book “Success is Not an Accident”. Watch Mick’s training on  Mastering the Art of Goal Setting, summarized here.

Goals for Your Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise

This marvelous 35 minute call by NMD, 100 Club Member Kathrine Lee includes logical explanations behind some of our tools, principles for connecting to your business, verbiage for sharing our product/business and suggestions for taking action. Have this handout ready when you listen: Goals for the Year.

Here’s a template for making your own Juice Plus+ Goals.

“I ________________________ (name):

I have a Dream of __________________________________________________ by __/____ (your WHY for your JPVF)

 I have a One Year Goal of ____________________________________________ by __/____ (to move closer to my dream)

 I have these Goals for the next 90 Days (to be on track for my One Year Goal):

1. I am at the QSC/SC/QSSC/SSC/QNMD/NMD position.

2. I have XXX customers and x qualifiers on my Team.

3. I am earning $x,xxx plus $250 in bonuses for March business.

 I have these Goals for the next 30 Days (to be on track for my 90 Day Goals):

1. I have a growing list of happy Customers and people who want Juice Plus+.

2. I add xx new Customers and x new Qualifiers to my team.

3. I have a solid Qualified Business, add 1 new partner each month and Fast Track each ‘1’ to P+ and QSC.

4. I have a Customer Qualified Business

5. I invite xx people to look at JP+ and my VF, with people attending FB Parties, Wellness Parties and other events.”

How to Complete Your Goals – Template Instructions

Copy the template above into your email or word processing program, then customize it for your own situation and send a copy to your sponsor/coach. Read your goals every day (morning and night!)

First, describe your Dream in clear, powerful words that speak to your heart and that excite you (eg “I’m Debt-Free”!).

Next, define your One Year Goal: where you need to be in 12 months. Make it a ‘big, hairy audacious goal’ that you believe is only possible with God’s help. Express it as a position (eg. QNMD), number of Qualifiers (8) and income ($3,000/mo.).

Goal #1: decide the position you need to reach – the next position up on our Stairsteps (eg. SSC).
Goal #2
: use the Next Step Planner to get the number of Team Customers (eg. 400) and Team Qualifiers needed (eg. 4).
Goal #3
: from that Next Step Planner enter the $ figure you expect to be earning; the bonus $ come from your Fast Track and Fast Tracking your personally sponsored partners.

Goal #4 is an affirmation and a goal for every day of the month. It establishes positive expectations for the foundational work of building your customer base and making those customers ‘raving fans’.

Goal #5: determine the total team customers (eg. 400), Team Qualifiers (eg. 4) required for the position you entered in #1 (eg. SSC). Subtract your current number of Team Customers (eg 200) and Team Qualifiers (eg. 1) you have currently from those totals (giving 200 and 3 more needed), then divide the remainder by 3 (giving 66 and 1) to give the number you need to add monthly to reach your goal.

Goal #6 affirms that you expect to Qualify your Business, 5-1-1 every month (enroll 5 new customers and sponsor 1 new partner and Fast or Express Track the ‘1’.)

Goal #7 commits you to continuing to build your customer base until your business is qualified entirely through customer orders (that is security!)

Goal #8 is your activity plan to achieve these goals: how many people you will  Invite, how many Facebook Parties and  Wellness Presentations you will hold, and how many other events you will attend with guests, starting with your 20-10-5-1.

Here is a real-life Example of goals set using this template.

Read your goals every day. Says Michael Hyatt, “I look at this list every morning and try to populate my Daily Task List with actions that will move me closer to attaining my objectives. Every day, I try to identify at least one “next action” and do it. If you have never done this before, you won’t believe the focus that this will bring to your life. I also pray over each objective. I know my limitations and am very much aware that I can’t accomplish what I believe I am supposed to do without God’s help. If you can accomplish an objective without God’s help, you’re not thinking big enough.”

Commit & Be Accountable

Now, commit to those goals and share them with your sponsor, your coach, your mentor, your spouse, … and/or with us. Why? Because accountability is vital; in a study conducted at Dominican University, they found that those who:

  • wrote their goals accomplished more than those who did not

  • wrote their goals and sent their commitments to a friend accomplished even more

  • wrote their goals and sent weekly progress reports to a friend accomplished significantly more than all the others

Make your written, committed goals public, report your progress monthly (at least) and ask someone to hold you accountable.

Take Action

The most powerful goals in the world are useless without the will to plan to achieve them and to act on that plan. Taking action fuels your commitment. Taking action builds discipline. The harder you commit & work at something the easier it gets.

As Michael Hyatt advised above, look at this list every morning populate your Daily Task List with actions that will move you closer to attaining your goals. Then let your disciplined Daily Method of Operation take over.

Plan your Life

Goal Setting is often not effective because people do not have a clear idea of what they want out of life – they have lost touch with their dreams. We have recently discovered a terrific Life Planning process which we thoroughly recommend.