When a Customer Cancels

Yes, it does happen. What should we do?

Of course, a phone call is essential to understand why they want to stop. They may just have too much product, in which case you can hold their shipment until they are ready. We check with ALL our customers before their next shipment, even those who have been our customers for 10, 15 or 20 years!

If they have only had one shipment, you can remind them of the hopes they expressed when they completed their New Customer Questionnaire, ask what they have noticed, and encourage them to complete the full JP+ Experience Survey, accept their second box and choose their free product.

If they are already on their second or subsequent box of Juice Plus+, then remind them of the results they noticed during their first 4 months (from the Survey), and ask them what else they have noticed since. Remind them that some results don’t show up for years, but they are getting healthier day after day of taking Juice Plus+.

If they are hard to reach by phone – they may feel embarrassed – then an email is a second choice. We use an email like this:

Dear Jane,

Good to hear from you, but I’m sorry you’re going to stop your Juice Plus+. I will cancel your next order, of course.

Having taken and worked with Juice Plus+ for more than 20 years, we find that people fall into one of three groups: those that experience immediate results, those who recognize results after 3-4 months, and a few who never notice any significant difference.

Those that fall into the third category usually continue to take Juice Plus+, because they understand from the research that Juice Plus+ is supporting their immune system, reducing their risk of developing major health challenges, such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc., and much more.

After all, you can’t “feel” prevention.

If you were to have blood work done, I feel confident that you would see improvements in all your biomarkers.

So, listen to your body after you stop taking it. If, as the days and weeks go by, you find you have less energy, get sick more often or you just don’t feel as good, I  would love to see you come back!

Best regards,

Then call then again in a few weeks to see if they are missing their Juice Plus+.

With their permission keep them on your email list and “Drip” on them – many will come back.