5 + 1 Every Month

Here’s an exciting incentive for Sales Coordinators and above:

For everyone, at every stage, it is vitally important to get 5 new Juice Plus+ Preferred Customer orders every month – at least.

Add one new team member each month as well and you are well on your way to establishing the habits and disciplines needed to achieve great success with our business model. You are also leading by example, because your Team will do what you do.

Why get ‘1’ each month (ie. a new Team Member)?

You can make some decent extra money by building a customer base. However, the more significant income comes from building a team, because with the help of a team you make a bigger difference and help more families get healthy.

Why get ‘5’ each month (new Customers)?

1. Juice Plus+ Preferred Customers are the foundation of your business – everyone should have, or should be working on building, a base of at least 40 customers.

2. Having 30+ Preferred Customers Qualifies your Business – this is a key marker of your success and foundational to your business.

3. Once you’ve qualified your own business you can teach others to do the same.

4. Enthusiastic Preferred Customers are a source of new members for your team – 10-20% of them will be interested in joining you. So the more you have, the faster you can build your team.

All orders count, so if one customer orders 2 or 3 products at the same time, they each count towards your 5. This also applies to an order for the Juice Plus+ ‘trio” (Fruit, Vegetable and Berry) – it counts as 2 orders for the 5-1.

Get 5 every month, get/stay qualified, and teach others to get 5-a-month and to qualify. It’s as simple as that – the formula for success!

How to get 5-a-month

Listen to this training on How to Get 5 New Customers.

  • start with our 20-10-5-1 Success Formula.
  • tell your Juice Plus+ story every day while you are out ‘doing life’, and fill your Pipeline.
  • ask people if they would prefer to listen to a CD or watch a DVD or online video.
  • follow up: call them within 72 hours to ask “what did you like best?
  • invite prospects and customers to Wellness Presentations, Prevention Plus+ Seminars and weekly Zooms (“you’ll love the speaker!”)
  • attend all local events yourself with guests.
  • ask your happy customers for referrals: “do you know someone else who could benefit from Juice Plus+?”
  • ask customers to host HLP’s: “would you be willing to invite some friends over to hear what you just heard?”
  • sit down one on one with friends to talk about Juice Plus+.
  • talk little – ask questions – get them to watch a DVD with you.
  • ASK EACH PROSPECT TO BECOME A JUICE PLUS+ CUSTOMER – this is the #1 reason they will order.

5-1 Tips

Keep adding names to your Memory Jogger (Owner’s Manual page 5.3) and keep telling your story, every day.

Listen to Jenny’s Message on how she got 12 customers one month.