ATM stands for Add, Tag, Message. You first add (invite) people into our private (+ hidden) Facebook group (for prospects and customers). Next, you tag them in a post or a video you want them to see (firstly, an announcement post that explains what we are all about). And then finally, message them to see … Continue reading

Post My Party Automated Facebook Parties

This app enables you to create entire parties one time as a template and easily schedule them with a few clicks of the mouse. The parties post themselves while you spend your valuable time engaging your customers. No more endless copy and pasting, posting by hand, OR re-sequencing individual posts (comments don’t change the sequence of posts … Continue reading

Facebook Parties

Facebook is more than a social media website. Much more! Facebook is fast becoming a Business Building Platform – optional but powerful. Facebook is becoming one of our top Tools, especially Facebook Parties! Facebook Parties are for EVERYONE! Facebook Parties are powerful. They are FREE and you and your guests can attend in your jammies (you don’t even have … Continue reading

Sharing by Texting

“If I … would you?” is one of the most powerful invitations you can make. “If I sent you a link to a short video, would you watch it and let me know what you liked best about it?” This is THE simplest and easiest way to invite someone to take a look at Juice … Continue reading

Facebook Basics

Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the internet and one of the top five all internet sites accessed worldwide. So, learn to make “facebooking” part of your regular social interactions, if you seriously want to grow. Instead of asking for someone’s business card, ask “can we connect on Facebook?” Facebook is more than … Continue reading

Facebook Party Follow-up

Plan ahead; during the party watch for comments by your guests – they will tell you what interests them. Be ready: immediately after the party follow up. How to download the list of event attendees (click here) At the end of the event the those who invited guests should tag each guest in the website ordering post or … Continue reading

UK Phenomenon

Most of you have heard the rumblings of all the excitement going on in the UK over the last couple of years,… new orders climbing to over 30,000 per month (from 1,000 per month), recruiting up to approx 2,500 new Reps per month (from 100 per month), record setting promotions left and right, etc. At … Continue reading

Events, Events, Events

Your Juice Plus+ Website has a listing of all the events around the country. In real estate the three most important success factors are “Location, Location, Location”.  In your Virtual Franchise they are “Events, Events, Events”. If Preferred Customers are the “life-blood” of your business, then Events are the “arteries”. “Flow” your prospects and customers through … Continue reading

Online Videos

www.WhatIsJuicePlus.info: here is a presentation comprising short video clips (all from youtube), plus a few longer videos. Product Videos Business Videos www.teamjp.net/esp: a short presentation of Spanish videos. www.theFreedomRevolution.com: our business prospecting website. The Next Best Thing 9 Simple Steps to a Healthier Family (Dr. Bill Sears) 9 Simple Steps to Prime Time Health (Dr. Bill Sears) Health Care professionals … Continue reading


Our GOAL is to help you make each and every month your best month ever! This program reduces coaching to answering three simple questions each month and having a friend hold you accountable to achieving the goals you set. EVERYONE CAN DO THAT – both the coachee and the coach. So within a few months … Continue reading