Juice Plus+ Complete Recipes

Looking for more information on Juice Plus+ Complete? (click here) 10 “No-Milk” Shakes with Juice Plus+ Complete by Ivy Larson As you may know, my husband (Andy Larson) is a general surgeon who has a special interest in surgical nutrition and also does a great deal of lap-band bariatric (weight loss) surgery. After weight loss surgery it … Continue reading

Introduction Emails

Email is a powerful, simple and “comfortable” tool to support your Virtual Franchise. It is no substitute for face to face and phone conversations, but it is effective and efficient. After the major challenge of managing email, the second challenge is to give your prospects just enough information, without overwhelming them. We’ve written a sample … Continue reading

20-10-5-1 Success Formula

Planning Your Month For the serious business builder, their monthly goal includes growing a customer base (with 5 new customers, at least), building a team (with 1 new team member sponsored, at least), plus promoting one Partner+. That’s the 5-1-1. Then help that Partner+ make QSC the following month! So, on the first day of … Continue reading

Juice Plus+ Information in Spanish

Spanish packet from Juice Plus+ Promotions Juice Plus+ Brochure (Español) Juice Plus+ Complete Brochure Juice Plus+ Family Health Study Brochure Virtual Franchise Brochure Virtual Franchise Presentation Booklet www.teamjp.net translated into Spanish Compensation Plan video Spanish Training video (Negocio Simple) Spanish Youtube videos Spanish Video Playlist Spanish Forms & Applications at the Virtual Office. TheFreedomRevolution Resources … Continue reading

Converting Customers into Partners

by Karen Weaver How do we do that? Through great conversations, customer care, building relationships, asking questions, asking more questions, listening, listening, listening. Remember the statistics: 85% only interested in JP 10% may be interested in the business at a later date 5% might be interested right away How do we find the 10%? Listening!! The real art of … Continue reading

The Wellness Movement

Gordon Hester is a business and financial momentum expert with more than 25 years of real world experience. To the Juice Plus+ family, Gordon has been the man behind the scenes working closely with NSA’s top money earner Jeff Roberti for over 20 years. Never a Juice Plus+ partner, nor an employee of NSA, Gordon … Continue reading

The Birth of Juice Plus+

by Dr. Humbart Santillo Before I tell you about the research behind Juice Plus+®, I’d like to tell you the personal story that led to the development of this whole-food product. When we’re experiencing a trauma or other significant event, we don’t always fully understand it until it has passed, and then we realize that it has changed our lives for the … Continue reading

Maximizing Your Juice Plus+ Conference Experience

by Nancy Kroupa, NMD The following tips are recommended to help you maximize your valuable time spent at the upcoming Juice Plus+ Conference – the “Super-bowl” of all JP+ events. I. Prepare Yourself Before the Conference Go yourself!  You must set the example and attend yourself, even if you do not have any team members going.  … Continue reading

Facebook Party Follow-up

Plan ahead; during the party watch for comments by your guests – they will tell you what interests them. Be ready: immediately after the party follow up. How to download the list of event attendees (click here) At the end of the event the those who invited guests should tag each guest in the website ordering post or … Continue reading

Facebook Basics

Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the internet and one of the top five all internet sites accessed worldwide. So, learn to make “facebooking” part of your regular social interactions, if you seriously want to grow. Instead of asking for someone’s business card, ask “can we connect on Facebook?” Facebook is more than … Continue reading