Shred10 Resources

The Shred Guide will help your customers have a successful Shred10 experience by walking them through the program, step by step. It includes the Shred10 Guidelines, success tips, recipes, snack ideas, shopping lists, articles from healthcare professionals, and other helpful resources! Taste the Shred! is a collection of plant-based meal ideas from shredders all over … Continue reading

Website Banner Ads

Do you have your own personal or professional website? If so, you may use any of the images posted at Juice PLUS+ Insights (scroll to the bottom) to link back from that site to your personal website. Use of any Social Media Shareables & Website Banners the Juice Plus+ Partner agrees to adhere to … Continue reading

Customer Care

Customers are the heartbeat and the life-blood of our business. Above all else, we as partners with the Juice Plus+ Company must go above and beyond to ensure that our customers have an incredible experience with our products and community. Through exquisite customer care you will not only deepen their belief in Juice Plus+, but … Continue reading

Why aren’t all the Ingredients listed on the Labels?

Wanting to know exactly what’s in the capsules is understandable; we are so used to seeing vitamins and minerals listed on supplements labels. However, … Juice Plus+ is whole food-based nutrition, with a Nutrition Facts label, not a supplement label. It is made from whole, fresh fruits and vegetables, and contains all of the vitamins, … Continue reading

Share Your Story

This is a business of storytelling.  You do not need to be an expert on Juice Plus+ or our business, but you DO need to have a good story to tell! Your Story is your best walking/talking Juice Plus+ brochure; it’s your message. So, it’s important to be prepared when a conversation opens the door to … Continue reading

JP Live! Fall Conference & Spring Leadership Event

Leadership Conferences are held in the Fall plus a Spring Leadership Event for QSSC’S and above. In addition to new information and world-class speakers, you will have the opportunity to network and interact with thousands of successful Juice Plus+ Partners.  Register here: Attended Conference and wondering what next? Here you go! Future Dates 2023 2024 … Continue reading

Why is Juice Plus+ not sold in Stores or Shops?

The Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise is a hybrid business model, taking the best (and rejecting the worst) of several other ways of doing business. Jay Martin’s article explains it best. It’s a common question, so let’s answer it in the context of the direct sales industry, with which we have much in common: “Why are … Continue reading

Promotions, Bonuses and Rewards

Scroll down for Definitions, information on Restarts, “Slow Track” and explanation of Title Rewards. Definitions Working LineA line is each independent segment of your downline. Each line begins with an Independent Representative you personally sponsor (Frontline) and represents a new and separate “line” in your organization. Commission QualifiedTo qualify to earn a Commission in a given month … Continue reading

NMD in FOUR MONTHS?! In Canada? By a MAN?! YES!

Dave Sanderson made National Marketing Director in 4 months; he is duplicating and far from being done. Here is Dave, explaining to Dr. Mitra Ray  how he achieved this. Here are Dave’s slides from a recent training (the numbers are Canadian!) Listen in particular to his DMO and focus on Customer Care.  Dave’s approach is TOTALLY duplicatable for … Continue reading