Go Pro: Becoming a Juice Plus+ Professional

This may be the most important book we know for those wanting real success with Juice Plus+. We are generally not impressed with books on networking, mainly because what’s written is either tired and filled with old-school network marketing ideas, and/or it’s just not relevant to our Juice Plus+ Virtual Franchise. Within the first few pages of Go … Continue reading

Wellness Presentations

… aka Healthy Living Parties Wellness Presentations (WPs) have come with many different names: aka Wellness Workshops, Healthy Living Parties, Wellness Gatherings, etc. They are now our standard, consistent with our Mission “Inspiring Healthy Living Around the World”, promoting One Simple Change. It is by far the most effective way to: acquire customers build an existing customer’s (and Partner’s) belief … Continue reading

Share Your Story

This is a business of storytelling.  You do not need to be an expert on Juice Plus+ or our business, but you DO need to have a good story to tell! Your Story is your best walking/talking Juice Plus+ brochure; it’s your message. So, it’s important to be prepared when a conversation opens the door to … Continue reading

Memory Jogger

…aka Your Invitation List The Memory Jogger is the #1 tool for every Juice Plus+ Partner, whether you are Newbie or NMD. At its simplest, the Memory Jogger is an Invitation List – the names of those you will invite to look at Juice Plus+ – but as you build your business you will discover it is much more. This … Continue reading

Plan 4 Phoenix

Between March 1st 2020 and March 31st, 2021 our Contest recognizes and rewards significant business building results. See the rules below. Want to be on the Leaderboard every month? Follow this 20-10-5-1 formula. SPECIAL:  During the ‘Add More Good’ Campaign (June – December) a Family Health Study (with Complete) order gets double points (40). The … Continue reading


“I have a dream…” Martin Luther King I am more convinced than ever that, in our culture, 5% or fewer still know how to dream; and those folks who do, have made goal setting a habit, because they believe their dreams are possible and that goal setting and taking action are the way to make … Continue reading

Product Testimonials

“Take Juice Plus+ for your Health, not for your Sickness!” Many people with various conditions and diseases have benefited greatly from Juice Plus+. That is one of the reasons Juice Plus+ research is going on. When doctors and ordinary folks see such results consistently, the word spreads, from ‘next door’ all the way to the … Continue reading

Business Building Contest 2021-22

Our Contest runs between JP+ Live! Conferences, from October to March and April to September each year, recognizing and rewarding Business Building Results (rules below.) Final Results for July July’s Eagle of the Month: MELINDA CRENWELGE (wins $150) June’s Eagle of the Month: NICOLE HELMSTETLER May’s Eagle of the Month: KIM GEORGE April’s Eagle of … Continue reading

Know Your Customer

We all know that Juice Plus+ is more than just an easy way to get added nutrition from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables every day. Thousands of people report that after only a few months of taking Juice Plus+, they’ve started to eat more fruits and vegetables, too. They also report that they’re drinking more water, … Continue reading

‘How You Lead’ to Build Your Customer Base

We build our business one conversation at a time – sharing our products and sharing our business. More than ever before, “The world is hungry for better health, a sense of belonging and an opportunity to live a life of purpose.” (John Blair, senior VP, The Juice Plus+ Company) With Juice Plus+ we have exactly what they are looking … Continue reading